Saturday, February 24, 2007

When You Have Two Left Eyes...

... it can be difficult to see clearly.

Todd Russell, Liberal MP of Labrador, has this to say: "I have no doubt in my mind that they would try to eradicate everything that has been good by the Liberal party and by great Liberals in this country from the history books if they could. Fortunately right now, they can't, but it just again speaks to the nature of this particular Conservative government."

Ralph Goodale, Liberal House leader contributes to the discussion: "
For somebody to think that you've got to put a shroud over it or build a wall to hide it to keep it out of view from American government officials, that is just pathetic and I think those American government officials will think it's pathetic too."

Maria Minna, another Liberal MP: "
Such action is a disgrace and an embarrassment. This attempt to hide the past just highlights the Conservative Party's abandonment of Canada's peacekeeping role."

So what's the problem? Did the Conservatives cancel funding to another Liberal PR project?

No. The Liberals are angry because a memorial to Lester B. Pearson was covered during a press conference in the Department of Foreign Affairs building. In their collective anger, the Liberals forgot that the memorial is covered during press conferences, even during the Chretien and Martin governments, because it is expensive to move.

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