Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thomas Yadegary, A Catholic Held Withouth Charge

The facts:

- In 1994, Thomas Yadegary moved to New Zealand from Iran.

- While living in New Zealand, Yadegary converted to Catholicism from Islam.

- In 2004, Yadegary was arrested as an illegal immigrant and had his refugee status application denied.

- Yadegary applied for refugee status because in Iran, it is illegal convert to Christianity. If he returns to Iran, he faces the death penalty.

Since 2004, Yadegary has been held in custody without formal charge or trial. He refuses to sign an Iranian passport application which New Zealand requires to extradite him to Iran. He is not a flight risk or security risk.

(h/t to Bettnet & No Right Turn)

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