Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Holy Cross Fiasco...

... has forced my parish to cancel its fundraising campaign for a rectory. Why? Because with half of Holy Cross parish busy complaing about anyone with an ounce of common Catholic sense to the media, our pastor didn't think it the best time for gathering donations.

And who can blame him? Thanks to Fr. Mike, a man whom I now truly pity, anything and everything Catholics do in Victoria will be analysed, disected, and lampooned by the media.

Now imagine if these disenfranchised, disaffected, and disillusioned parishoners had spent as much time in prayer and charity as they have taking to the press and feeling grumpy: Do you really think Holy Cross would be in the mess it's in?

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Harrison said...

Yeah, he was NOT a happy man last week...we are just praying it quiets down over here because when it does we will be getting on with the campaign.

It's been tough I can say...the office has been getting flack and phone calls and angry e-mails...oh the joys of being Catholic!