Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Afghanistan Isn't What They Think It Is

It's a strange thing: War protesters in Canada are now calling Afghanistan 'Harper's War'. I must really be out of touch. Last I remember, Afghanistan is a UN sanctioned, NATO operation that was initiated during the Chretien/Martin government of 2001. Unless Harper was dressed in a fat-body suit or posing as a creepy francosomething, he wasn't involved. Maybe 'Chretien's War' or 'Martin's War' just doesn't have the same pananche.

Attempting to cast the Canadian operation in Afghanistan as 'Harper's War', protesters are doing themselves a disservice. Slighting Harper over a war he inherited is dishonest and reflects poorly on the integrity of the anti-war movement. It would be understandable if the war was going poorly, and if it was clear that the Taliban was battering our troops at every turn. But that just isn't the case. 45 casualties in 5, nearly 6, years is a very good rate in any conflict.

Thus when I drive by the protesters, I am immediately alienated. I simply cannot knowingly enter into a life of ignorance simply because it happens to be particularly popular and fashionable these days. That's not to say that I'm somehow above making a similar mistake; it just means I'm trying not to.

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