Friday, February 16, 2007

The February PC Alert...

... is today. I'm introducing a monthly post which will, if I remember, list a few of the more interesting, alarming and ridiculous public manifestations of political correctness.

Without further ado:

- Tim Hardaway, an ex-NBA star, is banned from this year's all star game for his 'homophobic' reaction to the 'coming out' of ex-NBA flop, John Amaechi. Not that I don't think Hardaway's a moron for 'hating' anyone, but heck, what can you say these days?

- PM Harper buckles on global warmi... I mean, climate change and 'commits' to 'working with' Kyoto. No one really knows what he means, but I'm guessing he means to say that he'll do something, which is to say he'll do nothing.

- Algoreincorporated announces he's throwing a series of global warmi... I mean climate change concerts. Styled after the 'Live Aid' and 'Live 8' concerts organized by Bob Geldof, Algore says he'll raise money, awareness, and be tyte wit da youfs too.

Add yours if anyone's out there!

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