Monday, February 05, 2007

How Many Climatogolists...

... does it take to cool the planet?

Amoung other interesting facts coming to light in the wake of the 'definitive' IPCC released last week: Canada has spent over 6 billion taxpayer dollars on climate change research since 1997.


Kirsten Prior said...

Way to go Canada! A worthy cause I would say. This is the globe that we are dealing with: God only gave us one, and we have no idea what we are dealing with. Slowing climate change is an insurmountable task, and reducing it is an impossible one.

And as Christians it is our duty to care and act:

We therefore have a responsibility first to God to look after creation - not as we please but as God requires - and secondly to the rest of creation as ones who stand in the place of God. (Sir John Houghton: IPPC Retired Scientist now devoted to reminding Christians of their environmental responsibility as stewards of the earth).

Your Climate Biologist Friend

Anonymous said...

are you saying that its simply a cash grab? that nothing of epistemic value has resulted from this 6bn investment? that enquiry for knowledge's sake alone -- especially as regards creation, viewed from the stance of theology as the effects of the Creator's free and personal disclosing of his nature -- is not itself worthwhile?

or is it the couching, or perhaps the continual paradigm-shifting, that has your knickers all twisted?