Sunday, February 11, 2007

Portugal Says No to Expansion of Abortion ...

... by simply staying at home.

Portuguese voter turnout failed to reach the minimum amount necessary to count the vote as valid. Only 30-40% of eligible voters made their way to the polls; over 66% turnout is necessary. Of those who voted, 40% said no the the expansion, and 60% said yes. This is the second time in nine years that an effort to expand the abortion license has failed because of an inadequate number of votes.

Portugal is reported as being over 90% Catholic, and its also the country which was told by an apparition of the Virgin Mary that the faith therewould always remain intact. Nevertheless, prayers are needed for the Portuguese Church. The Western Media Complex, headed by Reuters in this case, has already decided that Portugal's autonomy, the nations ability to formulate its own social laws, is compromised by the influence of the Catholic Church. In the Reuters article on the vote, pro-choice sources are cited liberally, and pro-life sources sparingly.
As the quote which ends the article reads: "What's at stake is women's ability to decide. The current law does not fit with Europe."

That the unborn cannot 'decide', once again, fails to be mentioned.

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