Sunday, September 30, 2007

Catholic Bishops: Plan B Abortafacient is OK

Plan B, a known abortafacient (just read the packaging), has been approved by the Conneticut Catholic Conference of Bishops for use in Catholic hospitals. The bishops claim that Plan B has not been decisively proven to be abortion causing in all cases, so therefore it can be used for 'rape victims' in Catholic hospitals. If wondering just why the bishops would do this, join the masses. Plan B is a self-admitted abortion causing agent; it even says so on the box they come in. And if you're wondering if this is a trickle-down effect from some cloudy USCCB pronouncement, it isn't: Plan B was prohibited by the national bishops' group because of its abortafacient effects and because it also falls under the category of contraception.

It's hard to find the patience or charity for bishops like this. Thankfully it's Sundary and I know God will give the grace to forgive and to pray for these men.

Friday, September 28, 2007

What makes little sense....

... is how the political left so warmingly embraced Iran's lunatic president (yes, the man is actually a lunatic - he belongs to a apocalyptic cult which believes the Madhi will return and destroy the non-Muslim and Shia peoples, and leads a regime that regularly rapes, tortures and executes its fellow countrymen). I can understand why some people wanted to hear him speak - listening a cunning madman is apparently a stimulating experience - but I don't understand why a dictator who so ardently opposes so many key leftist beliefs is nevertheless asked to come and speak to a receptive audience at one of the USA's most prestigious universities.

A quick rundown: Ahmandinejad opposes abortion, homosexuality, women's rights, basic freedom of expression and political dissension. Most Americans of any political persuasion will therefore find something to hate about this guy, but why did the outcry thus come from the conservatives? You end up thinking that the only reason the left actually has time for him is because he is anti-West and anti-American, which seems to be the cause-celebre of the political left these days.

It's the first time I've heard this...

Condoms in Africa is an issue everyone has an opinion on, and thankfully there are pretty much only two opinions at that. Either you support the spread of condoms in African to help prevent HIV infection, or you don't; it's all rather simple. What you rarely hear is any grand conspiratorial rant that suggests European condom producers are intentionally infected condoms with HIV. And when you do hear something like that, which you have to admit, even if you are opposed to the 'condom solution', you're more likely to hear it expressed on a message board by a teen-age fundamentalist. But no, the first person to make this claim just happened to be the Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Mozambique. Awesome.

Gerald of The Cafeteria is Closed tells us that Archbishop Francisco Chimoio recently informed the press that he was aware of at least two condom producers who were infecting their product. Chimoio noticeably does not name a manufacturer, but nevertheless stands by his claim. Now although I don't really think a company would stoop to this, it isn't entirely plausible if you approach the claim from a financial perspective: The more African that have AIDS/HIV, the more condoms the UN will purchase to import to Africa, and the more money condom makers earn.

We'll see how this story develops.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Becoming Less Bloggish

I was reading an excellent blog today and I came across the blogger's admission that during his first few years of blogging, his writing style was unforgivably 'bloggish'. By this, I take it, he means awkward, verbose, sarcastic and fragmented, oh, and snarky too. Those five are probably the most common characteristics to be found in the blogosphere, unfortunately much more common than elegant prose, proper diction and common sense.

So with this in mind, I've decided to try and write more serious and thoughtful posts. The benefits I think are twofold: People who stumbled across my blog won't be offended by a particular callous or ridiculous remark, and my own writing style will eventually improve.

Now on that last point, the improvement of my writing, I'll have to work a lot harder. I was weaned on the style of writing that is pushed upon Political Science students at Canadian universities, and not being blessed with any inante gifts of composition myself, the result is the current standard of Augustine's Poodle. To improve then, I will begin making more sensible and sometimes longer posts on more sensible subjects (rather than Catholics wearing funny clothes). I will also return to emulating the writing style of my favourite non-fiction authors, so no more Robert Ludlum spy novels for the time being.

Check back for updates.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Catholic Frumpiness

Kathy Shaidle at the soon to be renamed RelapsedCatholic Blog has taken the time to make several posts on the issue of Catholic fashion. Or maybe I should call it the issue of the Catholic lack of fashion. By this she, and I too, mean the general absence of any taste in clothing found in so many of the young men and women populating the 'Catholic revival'. Arm-pit level dress pants for boys, curtain skirts and mock head scarfs for girls - at age 20. You know what I'm talking about.

So I've decided to put together a few points - randomly right now, but maybe one day in order. Let's begin:

1) Fashion is OK. I am not by any means a stylish person, nor am I outrageously good looking nor blessed with an adonis-physique (quite the opposite). But I at least know that in our day and age, one needs to keep up at least minimally with the winds of fashion to be taken seriously by peers in our society. Jesus didn't wear animals skins, John the Baptist did, and people thought John was a pretty crazy guy and most people didn't listen to him, which was okay with John. Jesus from what we understand liked a good wine and party, spent a lot time in the market place, and He is God for goodness' sake. If Jesus kept up with fashion, you should too.

2) Dressing your children like they are headed to an audition for the re-union of Little House on the Prairie is not fair and possibly child abuse. It doesn't matter that they might be home-schooled or wear a uniform to school, they can still look good in public. The flood pants that were cute at age four are downright embarassing and repulsive at age 17. Parents please remember this.

3) Engage the culture with your beliefs, not with your clothes. This speaks for its self. People should not know how Catholic you are by your garb unless you are a monk, nun or priest.

That should do it for now.