Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anti-Catholic Bloggers

What does it take to be an Anti-Catholic? I would think that you would have to exhibit strong, baseless prejudices against Catholics/Catholicism, and show no inclination for moderation. It has to be more than 'I disagree with their beliefs'.

As it happens, the 'head bloggers' for John Edwards (he was the guy who ran with John Kerry. No, I didn't remember him either) are two token leftist anti-Catholics. What makes them anti-Catholics? Well for starters, both have recently published foulmouthed tirades against the Pope and Catholics in general on their respective blogs and refused to apologize for them.

Amid strong protests from the Catholic League and other American groups interested in respect for religions, John Edwards has done the noble thing and fired the pair.

No, wait, he didn't.

Instead, Edwards said he was 'personally offended', but refused to fire either of them.

A blogger for a chance to be president? Or maybe Edwards knows he doesn't have a Jew's chance in Iran to win party nomination and decided, in the words of his bloggers, to f*ck it?

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