Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Fun Climate Change Facts.... reported by your friendly transnational IPCC.

- Tempature is now predicted to increase 3 degrees in the next century, rather than 3.5 degrees as was originally claimed in the previous IPCC report

- Sea levels may rise up to 17 inches, down from 'at least between 20 and 30' from the previous report

- N/A to the infamous hockey stick graph, published as fact in the first IPCC, and then used to club 'cc' deniers into submission, until that is everyone realised it was a bunch of phooey

- Humans actions are probably, maybe, perhaps, quite possibly, approximately, not exactly but pretty close, 90% sure, responsible for climate change

- 100% chance of us never knowing why the full report is not being published until after Winter.


I should point out that I'm not attacking the idea of studying the global warming trend/issue/crisis (select one), but how awfully ugly and politicized it has become.


- Zero (0) explanations for past global coolings, warmings, and the GIC.

- 9 'forcings', that is, things that are causing the temperature to rise, as identified in the report. 6 of these 'forcings' are only 'medium to poorly' researched and understood. People are going to be quite upset if global warming does not produce the terrible effects we've been promised to experience in the next few years, especially since 'cc' has utterly demolished the issues of biodiversity, mass deforestation and marine polluting.

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