Monday, February 11, 2008

Cult of Obama?

Obamania is heating up, and the First Things' blog takes notice. Stephen Webb illustrates some startiling similarities between Obama's followers, and the usual characteristics of cultists.

I'm generally quite critical of Obama supporters, and as much as I don't want to admit, there is a fanatical quality that most smitten Barry O supporters exhibit. In conversations, I've mentioned his lack of political record only to be told that there 'isn't a resume for being president'. I've asked Obamites how he will overcome his lack of experience, to hear that it's the advisors that shape a presidency, not the president. And lastly, I've quizzed them about his murky notion of new politics, as compared to his announced policy objectives, all of which simply tow the Democratic Party line, rather than call for an innovative, bipartisan, consensus based approach - to be told that these are indeed the new way.

The reluctance, better yet, refusal to address a question in an honestic and objective way usually belies an irrational attachment. Sure, within politics there's always going to be a bit of obtuseness coming from politicians and their followers, but it's usually only ever a case of a tiny minority. With Obamaniacs (zing!) it's different - everyone displays this same fanatical and illogical attachment. To be fair, there are lots of folks who think Obama is a better Democratic candidate than Hillary Clinton, and support his policies. But they're not the ones you run into on a day to day basis; you're much more likely to hear about his 'symbolic importance' and his 'new politics' and get a black eye for any unasked for inquiries.

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