Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Movies of 2007....

... that I saw and you shouldn't see. No matter what.

In first place is the 'film' 28 Months Later. It's a zombie flick, so it at least has the undead eating the living, but that's about all it has going for it. It tries for poignancy by tying in the zombie outbreak to the USA's foreign policy in the Middle East. Now that I think of it that's exactly what the movie was about - Americans making the simple and the violent crazy - and that alone is a pretty offensive statement about the folks who live there (MUSLIMS). In the end no one really cared though because the movie was crap. Don't see it.

In a close second is Factory Girl. I don't like post-modern art, the hedonistic lifestyle of artistic circles, or Guy Pearce, so my mind was pretty much made up before I saw it. Still, I'm rather impressionable and gave it a chance. Worst way to spend 2 hours. What did I learn? The 60's was full of people on drugs screwing other people on drugs, and a bunch of pervs watching said screwing go down. Apparently, the art world of then wasn't any different. Woohoo.

In a strong third is Balls of Fury. When a movie is named about a particularly horrid case of what the post-pubescent call 'blue balls', there is a limit as to how good it can actually be. All of my worst expectations were met and in some cases exceeded. Christopher Walken how you have fallen.

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