Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Remember to support Maclean's, Ezra Levant & Mark Steyn....

I haven't posted on the HR complaints against Maclean's, Levant and Steyn because I don't need to; read the sources yourself.

I will comment that I hope this is an issue Canadians of all political persuasions can agree is of the utmost importance. If we lose our freedom of speech, press and expression, we have effectively gifted the state a tyrannical amount of control. And we should remember that the reason why we have these freedoms enshrined in our society and in our constituions because we know that for a real, liberal democracy to exist, the state needs to be restrained.

Congratulations to Liberal MP Keith Martin, of Victoria no less, for recognizing the issue and acting on it. Keith, you're making the Conservatives look bad to their own party support - good politics!

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