Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On the passing of Uncle Fidel...

Leftists, Communists and other douchebags are together in mourning today. It was announced just 24 hours ago that long serving dictator, party leader, ruthless murderer, imprisoner of innocents, sterilizer of dissidents, president of Cuba Fidel Castro was formally handing over control to his younger brother, Raul.

The CBC and CTV have wasted no time eulogized Castro's legacy. In sort of man bites dog sentimentality, both stations waxed nostalgic on the halycon days of Fidel's early Cuba, his continued defiance of the USA and common sense. CTV even ran the lede 'Castro, the man who outlasted nine presidents' in one of their stories. Nevermind that the US is a democracy and no president can serve more than 2 terms, whereas Fidel Castro refused even the smallest iota of actual political and social freedom, no, Fidel really was something special.

I obviously don't feel the same compassion toward Castro that my elders in the media and academia seem to. They say, collectively of course, that he introduced a strong health care system and raised literacy to close to 98% of the population. So it may be, but Castro also systematically murdered his political opponents, persecuted journalists, blacks, dissidents and homosexuals, and almost plunged the world into nuclear war. 1961 was a long time ago, but not that long.

So what portends for Cuba and Raul Castro? Hopefully the introduction of common sense. Cuba's economic stagnancy has to do with Castro's many failed economic plans rather than the US embargo, but the easing of the embargo would undoubtedly help. Democracy would reconcile the many Cuban expats, thus stopping the brain drain that has seen so many of Cuba's best and brightest flee the country for the muggy climes of Miami. To do these things would make sense for Raul, but then again, communists are not famous for the successes of their political and economic decision making. We'll just have to wait and see how much of a 'Fidel' Raul really is.


Anonymous said...

"[D]ouchebags." Very nice. Have a nice day.

Colm said...

Crass I know, but the 21st Century definition is nothing like the original one. Synonyms include moron, fool, and useful idiot (a la Lenin).