Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Mosque on the Prairie...

... sucks.

Little House on the Praire was a good show if you liked mulleted pilgrims and sacchrine family moments. Little Mosque is a good show if you like living in a dream world where Muslim immigrants to Canada don't hate gays, women, Christians, Jews, and want to impose Sharia.

I admit that I've only watched a few episodes, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I have however in my short life watched many hours of sitcom television of varying degrees of quality, so I think I can tell when a show is funny and original, or just plain original. Little Mosque excels on the originality - Muslims living like secularized lefty Christians - but fails horribly at the comedy. Jokes about reactionary Anglican priests (they exist?), reactionary town conservatives (they exisit?) and uber-liberal Mohammedeans (they exist?) can be funny I'm sure, but Little Mosque instead borrows it's comedy from all the boring sitcoms you forgot existed, like The Golden Palace and Flying High. I don't really understand what makes a couple hundred thousand Canadians watch Little Mosque, other than the unrequited boredom that has apparently taken over their lives.

:post script: Can someone explain to me how the cast of a show that presents Muslims as fully sercularized Canadians can lead a panel on diversity?

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