Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Steven Speilberg? Then get me his Mexican equivalent!

... so said Mr. Burns, and so say the organizers of the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. Spielberg, alas, did not drop out in protest of the many human rights violations committed by the PRC on a daily basis, rather because of the PRC's lack of action on the crisis in Darfur.

So it's noble, and should be applauded, but strangely removed the issue at hand: The People's Republic of China is the single most abusive state outside of Africa and the Middle East. It's obvious to anyone but a few idiots that the Olympics are an economic event, not a sporting one. Hence Moscow 1980 and Toronto 2008 that never was.

A few facts about China:

- In preparation for the Olympics, the Chinese government has been forcefully evicting people from their traditional homes, and displacing them into hastily constructed shanty-towns away from the international gaze.
- China is currently the world's leading producer of green house gasses, general air pollution, has 16 of the world's 20 most pollutant rivers, and promotes illegal deforestation in South East Russa.
- China enforces a one child per couple policy, enforces punitive measures against those who break this policy, such as jail and the removal of the excess children.
- The one child policy has lead to 25 million more Chinese males than females, since male Chinese workers make more than female Chinese workers.
- As a result of China's one child policy, the country faces a demographic crisis of such magnitude that it will likely erase all of China's ecomonic gains in the next half century.
- And finally, China is a Communist country.

If you can't resist the Olympics, then simply do your part by peeing on a PRC flag this October 1st.

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