Thursday, January 18, 2007

Little Dudko on the Prairie

h/t to Kian on the title of this post.

The last time the CBC spent so much money advertising a show, it had to do with Canadian things, like rubber pucks, gritty tape, thin ice and Swedish millionaires. But this is the latter half of the first decade of the new millenium, and being as cutting edge as CBC naturally is, we have Little Mosque on the Prairie instead. Korans, abrogated verses and polygamy are not Canadian things, however they are destined to grab people's attention until the Islam vs. Everybody war is finally settled.

For that reason alone, Little Mosque on the Prairie isn't a poor choice as a flagship show for an increasingly embattled and irrelevant TV-station. The CBC hasn't drawn serious audiences for any of its programs, other than Hockey Night in Canada, for many years. A solution had to be found, and fresh off the foiled homegrown-Islamist attack of the past summer, and the 249 or so reported Islamist attacks which occurred in December 2006, the 'clever' heads at CBC had the perfect environment to run Little Mosque.

Now a television show depicting the lives of Muslims in an overwhelmingly Christian nation would be fun, since Islam demands so much of its adherents that alienates them from their surrounding culture. Imagine the hilarity of a Muslim boy accidently eating goat or pig at a birthday party! Or the smiles to be had after Upajj, the 2nd wife, finds her husband, Muhamed Mohammad Muhamad, in perverse coitus with Faturash, the 8th wife!

According to cbcwatch, Little Mosque pulled in 2,100,000 viewers for its debut 2 Mondays ago, a good showing for a Canadian program. But then this past week, the CBC decided to rerun the debut show on Monday, rather than the next episode as promised. The rerun still gathered about 600,000, which is pretty good, considered that the much hyped The Hour with George Strombo didn't even top that for its net ratings of 2006.

But anyways, the problems with Little Mosque became readily apparent after the first five minutes. The Muslims you see, are simply portrayed as misunderstood people. Typical Canadians are rascist, xenophobic, hypocritical and bigoted people whose pedantry prevents them from realizes who joyfully wonderful these Muslims really are. The message is, Muslims don't have a problem integrating into Canada, Canadians have a problem integrating Muslims into Canada.

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