Monday, January 29, 2007

Kim/Tim, Your Life is Gonna Suck

Is Germany simply prone to artocities? A 12 year old boy, named Kim/Tim no less, according to the news reports, was so deeply convinced that he should be a female human that his 'doctor' had a duty to make sure he never became a man, even though he was/is biologically designed that way. The 'doctor' claims the boy is, and I quote directly, 'trapped in the wrong body'. Trapped in the wrong body.

Perhaps the most frightening part of the report is that doctors diagnosed the boy as a 'transsexual' 2 years ago, or better yet, when he was only 10. 10! Dare I suggest to this boy that he may have a massive future malpractice case on his hands if ever he recovers from the barbarous and inhumane 'treatment' being pushing upon him?

The entire situation reeks of something nastier than simply a confused boy (and ergo confused parents) making some unrealistically poor decisions. It's little more than a hypothesis, but from the surface, it looks as if a group of very zealous and very morally-detached researchers preyed upon this boy and his family. Guinea pig is hardly the term I would want to use, but what else can I say?

Prayers for this boy, his family, and the doctors.

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