Monday, January 22, 2007

A Few More Thoughts on Obama

.... Who wins the award for most multicultural and politically correct president candidate.

Seriously, the more I read about Obama, the less and less I think he is suited for the top political position of the Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern World. Going back to what we know about him:

- He's a deep blue Democrat, though not as radical as the current party leaders
- He's from a Muslim background, but is a Christian Congregationalist
- He entered politics back in 1996, but has only had noticeable success since 2002

And that's it. Obama has less than 10 years experience working in the public office, never in a position of any authority, and he's expected to be the Democrat's best hope for retaking the presidency?

My final reaction is this: If Americans elect Obama, it will be because of some sort of reverse racism which is clouding their judgement. American are so eager to prove to the world that they are no longer racist, or better yet, that they as a nation are actually just as progressive as the media, academia and elite cliques wish they were, that they will elect a man with little experience or knowledge of global, or even domestic, politics to the presidency.

GW Bush was/is a bad president. Obama will be worse.

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