Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brian Higgins and The Great Homily Diss

Trouble in little Buffalo. Apparently a local Catholic representative was admonished during Mass by a deacon for having supported the new embryonic funding bill in the House of Congress. This bill provides millions more in funding for the exploitation of embryos, singularly those embryos which are sitting in some sort of stasis at many of America's fertility clinics. Embryonic stem cell research involves the destruction of the embryos, and as a result is against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

So anyway, during the homily, the deacon accused made a comment that parishoners upset with the latest anti-life developments in Washington could take it up with Brian Higgins, the local representative who happened to be present during the Mass. After this, Higgins took his family and left Mass, apparently shocked and disgusted by the deacon's behaviour. The pastor and bishop rushed soon after to apologize to Higgins, and to public announce their intention to remonstrate the deacon.

Until the facts of the event come out in more detail, I won't comment.

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