Monday, October 02, 2006

What you knew but they didn't

So apparently the BBC television program, Panorama, has discovered secret Vatican documents that discuss how a bishop should handle sexual abuse cases. Some of us might think it old news, or not news at all, since the actual documents were written and published publicly in 2001. Some more of us might even think the reporting by Panorama horribly inaccurate and inexcusable, especially from a source a top 'the commanding heights of culture' or that promulgating a vicious lie might actually cause serious problems for a large minority in Britain. The documents in question outline a number of procedures a bishop must follow in the event of several possible transgressions, including sexual impropriety by a priest or religious person. None of those procedures are secret or evasive, but why let annoying facts upset a juicy story? How else will Panorama justify its budget?

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