Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mah-ree-ahj (marriage)

I think I've heard it said that marriage is harder for a man.

What a stupid thing to say.

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows it is seldom the husband-to-be who struggles in the trenches against the encroaching enemy forces. No, for the husband-to-be, planning a wedding is a predominantly supporting role. We provide the moral, pyshcological, and emotional support to our wife-to-be, while she dodges bullets, trying to make everyone happy. Sometimes our support is so woefully lacking that the wife-to-be feels alone and isolated. That's not what I'd call easy.

Joseph and Mary had a much rougher time and look how they turned out. Joseph suffered public shame for marrying a younger, pregnant woman. But even this, in an ancient Jewish society, pales in comparison to the stuggles Our Holy Mother had to accept and overcome. Mary, the human par excellence, quite literally sacrificed everything in her life for God and her marriage. Lest I not forget Joseph, husband par excellence, was there in unwavering support. So far, Andrea and I have not had any visits by archangels, no public criticism, no threats against our first born. Our difficulties, when put into prespective, are rather minor.

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