Monday, October 02, 2006

First Post

So yea, this is my blog. It's going to focus on issues Catholic, social, and political. I hope this could one day become an arena for other Catholics in Canada to share ideas and endure each other's opinions.

A few details about myself:

I'm 24, but soon to be 25.

I'm getting married in December.

I live in Victoria, BC.

I have my undergraduate degree in Political Science (flush goes the money).

I work for a small company.

I'm a fan of West Ham FC, Toronto sports teams, the Green Bay Packers, and philosophy in the Catholic tradition. It should also go without saying that my favourite philosopher is St. Augustine.


Time to question said...

What happen iconoclasm one of its founders Mr. augustine. Self perpetuation is important even more so for him. Have you read Vicars of Christ?

Time to question said...

Gonna read your page completelty during this week if you want check timetoquestion