Friday, October 06, 2006

Bill Graham, Liberal of the Year

Bill Graham, interim leader of Canada's naturally corrupt party, had some not very nice things to say about Darrel Reid, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose's new chief of staff. Graham started out by criticizing Reid for his views on the dubious 're'definition of marriage, Quebec separatism, and violence within Islam. Criticism is something Canadians and politicans are used to; it's a fact of life within our democracy. One cannot expect to enter the political arena and not have his opinions trashed by his opponents - to do so would be incredibly naive. But Bill Graham, operating as a true Liberal, took his criticisms one step further. According to Bill, Mr. Reid's beliefs are 'an affront to our democracy'.

Whose democracy, Bill?

Our's or your's? Canada's or the Liberal Party's?

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