Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Ugly Package

Late one night last week, I watched a bizarre commercial for the website optionsbc.com. It shows several young women from a variety of backgrounds vocalizing their concerns over their unexpected pregnancy. It all feels very... pro-choice, especially when the website name is flashed at the end of the commercial. After watching it, I was indignant. It so effectively gave a pro-choice message that I very nearly missed the small print at the bottom of the screen during the commercial's last few seconds:

Sponsored by Pro-Life Groups of BC.

Being dupped is usually hard for the ego, but this time I was more than happy about it.


Anonymous said...

Yeehaw. They did their job.

I can just the feminists hopping mad now because the commercial didn't look anti-abortion. Never mind that they consistently hide what abortion really looks like.

How much time before they legislate this thing away?

kyle said...

The interesting thing that struck me about this commercial, when I saw it is. The fact that pro-choice advertisments never actually promote the choice of life. They don't present you with the 'choice' or the option of keeping the baby. Or, even adopatation.

Anonymous said...

As someone familiar with crisis pregnancies, I am so sorry to see people feeling so indignant. From my experience, I have found the crisis pregnancy centres to be very pro people and NOT political in their stance. Maybe you need to look further into what they actually do, rather than just shoot your mouth off.

Colm said...

Hi Anonymous,

What do you mean by 'pro'? Pro what exactly? And who is feeling indignant? I might be confused, but the only person whose comments smack of indignancy is yours. Can you come back one day and tell me what you're really getting at?