Monday, March 31, 2008

Transgendered tomfoolery!

So a woman who identifies herself as a man is pregnant. Wow. My wife just had a baby and she happens to be a woman to boot. No reporter was present for the birth of our son, and no pictures of her pregnant frame were published on any website. After reading about Thomas Beatie, nee Tracy Lagondino, I'm feeling like we got a bum deal.

Honestly, why the hell is this even a major story? Unless you have a hate on for biology and scienece, this story is about a woman getting pregnant via artificial insemination. For those who desperately want the world to treat it as the first 'male pregnancy': We won't. This is about a pyschologically mixed up woman using her pregnancy as a publicity stunt. It's happened before (pregnancy as a publicity stunt) and if it tells us anything, it's that we know now that Tracy Lagondino will be one shitty parent.

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