Saturday, March 22, 2008

Law & Order was once a good show....

... until it attempted to tackle 'real' cases.

I was reading over at Jihadwatch about a Law & Order episode that depicts the murder of Christian girl, by her Christian father, for having a Muslim boyfriend. Critics of the show, and they are legion, are pointing out that this is a gross misrepresentation of a real issue: Muslim fathers killing their daughters for dating non-Muslims and/or not practicing Islam as fanatically as they do. Two Muslim girls were recently killed in Texas for dating non-Muslims, and last summer in Canada we had a similar story of a girl being killed for refusing to wear a hijab. What we don't have is a story of a fanatic Christian father killing anyone over a religious issue, let alone his own daughter. And yet Law & Order makes it seem to millions of viewers that it does happen. Go figure.

There are of course very practical reasons for smearing Christians rather than Muslims. One is that, like it or not, there is always the lingering spectre of sectarian conflict. Another is Western society's penchant for persecuting minorities since the Englightenment started 300 years ago. But most importantly, Christians will take the smear, whereas Muslims won't (just ask Theo Van Gogh, the Danish cartoonists or Christians in Iraq). Hence Law & Order having a Christian, rather than a Muslim, murdering his daughter for dating a heathen.

Folks who drink this tripe up are what worry me. If someone can honestly sit throught this episode and think, 'by golly, those darned Christians!', then our society is in real trouble. Why? Because for someone to believe that, they'd have to be utterly divorced from reality. And you know, a lot of people watch Law & Order.

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