Thursday, March 01, 2007

More On The Jesus Tomb

(h/t) to Bettnet.

Contrary to initial reports and what I previously posted, only the names Mary, Joseph, and Judas are the only clearly legible names on the tomb/casket/sarcophagus/ossuary. The fourth name is illegible, but James Cameron and his intrepid band of pseudo-archaeologists have interpreted it to read 'Jesus'.

The ossuary in question was actually discovered some 27 years ago, long before the trend of debunking Christianity became mainstream. Back then it garnered little, if any, press, for it was simply another inconsequential ancient discovery, so to speak.

Also, James Cameron's partner, Simcha Jacobovici (who is an Emmy winning journalist, go figure), claimed in the early nineties to have discovered the ossuary of Jesus' brother, James. Of course even then every single reputable archaeologist, historian and anthropologist dismissed his claims.

edit: Visit Extreme Theology for a comprehensive breakdown/takedown of the fraud.

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