Monday, March 12, 2007

More about Portugal...

'Omnis animal post coitum triste est'

To call the full legalization of abortion a tragedy is to engage in severe understatement. Portugal, whose birth rates are well below replacement level already, has now virtually all but committed itself to the historical waste bucket along with the rest of Western Europe. Men and women of good faith will continue to fight this and live their lives according to the Word, but so many will fall away. I suppose that's just how it usually is.

I read this morning that a massive, 3-story abortion clinic will be built in Lisbon as soon as the abortion bill is passed in full. It goes to show that abortion has never been about improving the 'plight' of women, but of making money off of death.

What it's interesting (or increasingly banal, depending on your level of apathy) is how virulently anti-life laws are made and passed. A small but well-supported group lobby politicians, the media supports, no public discussion occurs (and if it does, it is rushed or simply ignored) and the law is passed through chambers to which any attempt to stop it will surely fail. Portugal, it seems, has borrowed heavily off the Canadian-Spanish model of cultural destruction.

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