Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Democratic Poopaganda

The NDP's televised ads are nothing short of hilarious.

The new strong? What the hell is that? If Layton is talking about manly social strength and economic vitality, just when has the NDP ever been associated with any definitions of strength or fiscal competency?

Maybe the funniest thing is that those ads seem to be doing a very good job at pulling Liberal voters to their camp. Last I checked the national polls, the NDP was bucking at 20%, while the Liberals were struggling to maintain 24%.

My last question: Could Dion beat Layton in an arm wrestle?

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Stuart A. Thompson said...

Ahh I hate those "new strong" commercials. What does that even mean? "The new strong is... The new strong is..." If he's the new strong, is Harper the old strong?

The Liberal swingers are probably a product of Dion and not Layton. But new Globe articles paint Dion as the pragmatist he is.

Colm, I think you should write a guest entry on my blog with some of your opinions. I love that we have different views on politics and ideology. What do you think?