Monday, October 06, 2008

NDP Part Deux

Always setting new standards, the NDP have one-upped themselves. Their recent attack ads, which discussed the increasing weird 'new strong', have received a new touch. Instead of drum beats and a husky, female voice, we now have Jack Layton the man with Jack Layton the cartoon.

Yes, a cartoon! First, a grumpy cartoon Stephen Harper turns his back on a cartoon family with a coughing son. Harper vanishes, only to be replaced with a smiling Jack Layton. Layton you see, will somehow (I think he's planning to use magic) bring thousands of doctors and nurses into Canada, and make sure the ones we have will stay. To be fair, the NDP does have an outline of a plan that could increase the number of doctors in Canada, but it's far from the overnight express package they're making it out to be. In fact, their plan would take at least 8 years to bear fruit, and even then, relies more on the goodwill of medical students than anything else.

I have to wonder at the wisdom behind the NDP's attack ads that focus exclusively on Harper. The votes the NDP is currently winning aren't coming from erstwhile Conservative voters, but from erstwhile Bloc Quebecois, Green, and Liberal voters. Shouldn't they be attacking Dion's inabilities to lead a meaningful opposition, his mishandling of the carbon tax, and his 'third choice' candidacy?

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