Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barack Obama '08: Kill them babies

One of the more interesting and yet predictable developments in the American presidential election is the declaration of war between 'Obama's Catholics' and the rest of the Catholic Church. A few days ago, the Catholic blogosphere finally starting talking about something other than the Pope's visit to the US after a group called 'Roman Catholics for Obama '08' announced the compatibility of supporting Obama and being a faithful Catholic. These Obamaniacs would like the rest of the Democrats, and other Catholics, to believe that there is nothing wrong, contradictory, or even just plain stupid about supporting Obama in lieu of his position on abortion and infanticide.

Obama's voting record on abortion is well known - he is one of the few top tier politicians who have received a '100%' score on abortion from NARAL. That's more than both Clintons, Bush, McCain and Kerry. He (Obama) has even exceeded the expectations of the pro-choice movement by opposing the Born Alive Infant Act, which requires that children who survive an abortion be given life sustaining treatment. Not bad for a Senator with less than ten year's experience.

Back to the RCO's. According to their magisterial interpretation of Catholicism, because Obama supports policies that could hypothetically reduce abortion and poverty, that oppose the death penalty, his opposition to the War in Iraq, and his abilities to blow smoke up people's asses, there is nothing wrong with a Catholic supporting his candidacy. F*ck off. Is this really what these guys expect people to believe? Let me tell you this, if you are a Catholic, and you think supporting the most pro-abortion presidential candidate is a-o-k, you're incredibly stupid. Or you're incredibly disingenuous.

I think perhaps some of the confusion that could be clouding the minds of my fellow Catholics has to do with the shite leadership and formation they've received. But that's only half of it. No matter how crappy our Catholic education was, and is, the Church has never, ever wavered on abortion. It is one of the singularly great evils of our time and of all time. It is worse than war. We are duty bound to oppose it.

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