Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There's just not much to say...

I've been busy lately. Actually, I've been busy all year since the little baby surprised us all by being born last December. And with this business comes complete and utter apathy toward blogging once the sun goes down. This despite all the news that's fit to blog on. What can I say?

Well for one, I could say that I think Sarah Palin has a lot potential to become a major influence in American politics and the GOP, but is a weak veep choice.

I could also say that Russia isn't a 'world power', rather a regional one, despite it's recent and many claims to the contrary.

And I could also, and finally, say that Stephane Dion may win an election, but will lose government soon after.

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Stuart A. Thompson said...

Apathy once the sun goes down? The best posts come at 3AM after too many nachos and Cokes! Or maybe that's just me. But write more, really.