Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fear & Loathing of PZ Myers

PZ Myers, the self-styled scrouge of Catholicism ... a lot of cyber ink has already been wasted upon discussing his latest exploits. So briefly: Myers has called for people to send him stolen, consecrated Eucharists (crackers in his lexicon) so that he can publicly defile them. This is in response to the strange case of one Webster Cook, whom himself stole a Eucharist and then claimed to receive death threats from angered Catholics.

There is something very revealing about the lengths Myers will go to prove his atheist credentials. Disrupting the Mass, promoting theft of ecclesial property and defiling the Eucharist aren't simply rude and unlawful, they're jarringly desperate. Content men don't attack others, but men fast running out of time and ideas do. Pascal pointed this out over two hundred years ago: Men despise religion; they hate it, and they fear it is true. Myers cannot believe that something might exist beyond his reckoning and so he must attempt to destroy it, lest his own limitations be laid bare for all to see.

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Harrison Ayre said...

Amen brother! I e-mailed him with, I believe, a rather reasonable response to what he said he was hoping to hear. Did I get a response? Of course not.

One of the things I challenged him on was his definition of the Eucharist as a cracker. I asked what deems this to be a cracker. Being a scientist he obviously must have the ability to empirically verify that the Eucharist's accidental properties are that of a cracker and not, say, bread.

The guy, like you said, is just grabbing at air. He's got nothing and is asking us to be reasonable when he is being unreasonable, attempting to use words that he knows will upset people to get an unreasonable reaction out of them to prove his "reasonable point" that people of faith are nut jobs. He will get some, but he won't succeed. I think the best thing to do, in all honesty, is to give the guy, from now on, as little attention as possible.

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