Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Becoming Less Bloggish

I was reading an excellent blog today and I came across the blogger's admission that during his first few years of blogging, his writing style was unforgivably 'bloggish'. By this, I take it, he means awkward, verbose, sarcastic and fragmented, oh, and snarky too. Those five are probably the most common characteristics to be found in the blogosphere, unfortunately much more common than elegant prose, proper diction and common sense.

So with this in mind, I've decided to try and write more serious and thoughtful posts. The benefits I think are twofold: People who stumbled across my blog won't be offended by a particular callous or ridiculous remark, and my own writing style will eventually improve.

Now on that last point, the improvement of my writing, I'll have to work a lot harder. I was weaned on the style of writing that is pushed upon Political Science students at Canadian universities, and not being blessed with any inante gifts of composition myself, the result is the current standard of Augustine's Poodle. To improve then, I will begin making more sensible and sometimes longer posts on more sensible subjects (rather than Catholics wearing funny clothes). I will also return to emulating the writing style of my favourite non-fiction authors, so no more Robert Ludlum spy novels for the time being.

Check back for updates.

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