Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Dominion/Canada Day +1

I had a great weekend. My wife and I celebrated our 6-month anniversary at a wonderful lodge just 20 minutes out of Victoria. Today had breakfast with my parents, went to Mass, then watched two U-20 World Cup games. All in all, a great and glorious day given to us by God.

ps - Nigerians really know how to watch soccer. And to all the drunken Canadians, beer does not darken the skin and gift you rythym.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you two.

Shameless plug: next July long wkend, you and your wife and baby should come up for the annual Catholic Family Life Conference outside Edmonton.

It will change your life--as it has so many.

I'll give you a list of speakers over the years--I'm sure you'll recognize some names;

Fr. Corapi, Tim Staples, Marcus Grodi, Pat Madrid, Fr. Pacwa, Benedictines.

Goes on for 4 days with daily Mass, Benediction, 24/7 Adoration, and of course the lovely talks. The kids of all ages have their own supervised activities at the same time.

We've just been recharged for the year, it was Fr. Larry Richards and Fr. Peter Nygren this year. Excellent!

We were dragged there by friends 6 years ago, and never looked back. In fact, I think it was instrumental in my husband's conversion. This year we dragged another family there, and they are coming back next year, LOL.

One word of advice, don't bring your chequebook--there is always a Catholic merchandise section.

God Bless,